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Student Planner

Get ahead of your studies with the ultimate student planner and increase your key to success and productivity! LifePhoto's student planners are customized monthly and weekly planning pages, trackers for projects and exams, class schedule sections, notes, and more!

The student planner is 146 pages and comes with a customizable cover, 12 monthly calendar pages, and 52 weekly pages with a choice of vertical or horizontally oriented boxes for your comments. Customize your planner by changing the schedule month, holidays, events in your own life, co-curricular activities, and more!

Planner size: 8.5x11"

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  • 8.5x11” Student Planner
  • 146 pages, 13 internal photos pages and photo cover
  • Custom photo cover printed on heavy 110# premium white paper
  • Planner pages are printed on eco-friendly sustainable 80# white writing paper, printed with the background, photos, and format of your choosing
  • Spiral-bound, lay-flat design for easy writing

Additional Information:

A Student Planner is a specialized planner designed to help students organize their academic schedules, manage their coursework, and stay on top of their academic responsibilities. It is an excellent tool for students of all ages, from elementary school to college, and can help them achieve academic success by improving their time management, organization, and study habits.

It is an excellent investment for any student looking to improve their academic performance, manage their workload, and develop good study habits. It is a practical and effective tool that can help students achieve academic success with homework planners and reach their full potential.

The Students Planner is an essential tool for students to organize their academic and personal life in 2024. A student planner can be used by any student who wants to stay organized and manage their academic workload effectively. This includes students at all levels, from elementary school to graduate school, as well as those enrolled in vocational or technical training programs.

A student planner can help students keep track of their assignments, tests, projects, and other important deadlines, as well as schedule study time and extracurricular activities. This also helps in setting academic goals, tracking their progress, and managing their time efficiently. Students with learning disabilities or ADHD may also find a planner particularly helpful in staying organized and managing their workload effectively.

Let success be your every year story, save them and cherish them with a stunning study planner!

A student planner is a valuable medium for any student looking to achieve academic success. It can help you stay organized, manage your time effectively, and ultimately achieve better results in your coursework.

  • Better time management
  • Improved organization
  • Increased productivity
  • Better grades
  • Cherished moments

A Study Planner is ideal for students who want to balance their academic and personal life in a practical and organized manner while keeping track of their finances and nutrition.

Fully Customize Your Planner

Design a day planner to begin any month, select calendar pages: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, vertical, horizontal. Get started below.