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Life Photo FAQ

  • What is a weekly photo planner?

    Weekly planners are printed notebook organizers designed to provide pages in which to plan your week, generally offering a designated space for each day of the week to record top priorities, to do's, or scheduled events. Photo planners allow you to customize your weekly planner with your own favorite images, captions, and other personalized printed features.

  • What makes Life Photo weekly planners unique from other custom planners?

    There are many personal planners on the market today, but most have a standard interior for the current calendar year and allow you to customize only the cover (with text and several photos). Life Photo allows you to personalize the cover and the entire interior from a selection of planner layouts – allowing you to upload dozens of photos and begin every new week or month (your choice) with new images of the people, places, and things that inspire you most. Additionally, your Life Photo planner spans the 12 months of your choice – not just a standard calendar year – so you can order today and begin planning tomorrow.

  • How is a weekly photo planner used?

    While many people use weekly planners to map out how they will manage their time each week, YOU can decide how to use your planner to meet your unique needs and goals.

    7 ways how to use a planner:
    Organization Reflect on this week’s accomplishments and plan next week’s activities.
    School Stay on track with all classwork and important events.
    Gratitude Record three things at the end of each day for which you’re thankful.
    Health Plan healthy meals each week and log food/fitness activities.
    Budget Track spending and progress toward financial goals.
    Sharing Use your planner for notes and reminders, while sharing your favorite selfies, Instagram captions, and memories with those around you!
  • Who uses photo planners?

    People across all ages and professions use weekly planners to stay organized and achieve goals. Photo planners are particularly appealing to individuals who like to keep photo books as a keepsake, share photos with those around them, or just want a planner that they look forward to using throughout the year.

  • When are weekly photo planners used?

    We want you to reach for your photo planner throughout every week of the year. Because Lifephoto lets you choose the starting month for your planner, there is no need to wait until the New Year to turn over that new organizational leaf – and, gifts given throughout the year can be used immediately (think Mother’s Day, graduations, birthdays, back-to-school, and more).

  • Why use a weekly photo planner?

    Many of our customers use the calendar feature on their phone or digital device to schedule appointments and events, but supplement with a physical weekly planner to be more intentional in prioritizing and reflection. With today’s busy, always-online culture, our customers find that taking time “offline” to plan their week pays dividends (not to mention, who doesn’t love crossing completed items off their to-do list?).

  • How do Photo Planners differ from Photo Books?

    Life Photo offers Photo Planners as well as traditional Photo Books. A Photo Book allows you to compile favorite photos into a beautifully printed and bound (soft or hard cover) book, perfect for memorializing and sharing life's most special moments.

    Our Photo Planners combine the features of a traditional weekly planner - template pages for you to plan or record each week of the year - with an unparalleled level of personalization: over 50 pages of photos! Our customers prefer Life Photo planners over other brands because they enjoy turning every page throughout the year -- and they make gifts that are sure to be treasured.

Life Photo Policies

  • Quality Promise

    Quality never goes out of style: ideas, designs and products may change; however, our promise to you is we will always provide quality products, service, and memories.

  • Return Policy

    Life Photo & our suppliers take great care in seeing that all products & materials are manufacuted to the highest quality. Due to the nature of personalized orders we will only give a credit for damages caused during delivery. You must send a digital photo of the damaged packaging, and product. Please provide your order number and email address. Then email to Thank you for your patience when working with returns. More about returns 2024 Photo Gift Returns

  • Go-Green Policy

    Life Photo is eco-conscious, researching and enginering ways to go green with our products, production & suppliers. We use sustainable materials sourced from eco-friendly suppliers. Photo print manufactuing is processed with enviornmentally friendly papers.

Benefits of Being Organized

  • 10 Benefits of A personalized weekly photo planner

    1. Photos printed in your personal organizer give visual motivation to achieve the goals you value in life.

    2. Get more done. The adage, “What gets scheduled, gets done” is true.

    3. Recording information is a daily planner prevents you form missing important dates or overbooking.

    4. Improve your memory.

    5. Keep your goals front and center.

    6. Photo Pages are a living photo journal.

    7. Date Pages document your year with your daily, weekly and monthly events.

    8. Improve the use of time by staying focused on daily responsibility.

    9. Photo planners will become a cherished family keepsake.

    10.Make success fun. Photos and pre-entered appointments will keep you focused and organized the entire year.

  • Benefits of Photo Pages

    Photo pages are template designs to organize and print photos. Select from several unique weekly or monthly photo page templates to make a planner.

  • Benefits of Date Pages

    Date Pages are templates designed for writing date notes, captions & quotes. Select from weekly calendar templates to organize your planner.