Life Photo FAQ

  • What is a Life Photo Day Planner?

    Love images, you will love Photo Day Planners. Life Photo Day Planners include photo covers with a selection of weekly or monthly photo pages.

  • Photo Planner Vs Other Day Planners?

    Other day planner companys offer a selfie photo cover with a quote. Life Photo is the originator of the Photo Planner. Our weekly photo planner keeps you organized with 52 weeks of planner pages and keeps you inspired with over 150 of your favorite photos. When your heart desires more instagram images, funny captions, and day-to-day organization, order the original.

  • When to Order a Photo Day Planner?

    Order your Life Photo Planner to coincide with how you orgnize your life. Our unique "Planner Start Date" selector allows you to create your planner beginning on any month, year round. Don't pay for expired months. Planner Start Date makes all other custom planners outdated, 365 days a year.

  • Are Photo Planners Eco-Friendly?

    Photo Planners are made entirely with eco-friendly materials sourced from eco-friendlay suppliers. Photo covers are printed on sturdy cover stock for durability. Inside pages are printed on bright white ultraheavy recycled paper, substantially higher quality blank planner stock than other personal organizers and planners.

  • Why Your Children should use a photo planner?

    Life Photo Planners give a young person daily respite while offering the freedom to plan, organize and schedule their time to the best of their abilities and requirements. The benefits include enhanced accountability to the commitments planned as well as providing them with a structure that contributes to achieving their goals.

  • Why You Should Use A Photo Planner?

    A Life Photo Planner is one of the simplest yet unique ways to design your day-to-day schedule. Memorable photos will help you prepare for each busy weekday ahead.Don't miss a moment to orgainze , and acheive past, present and future goals.

  • Instagram Photo Ideas?

    How to add multiple photos to Instagram planner: Select and upload Instagram images into your planner gallery, copy and paste captions and quotes to each photo, create a cute selfie cover, share your Instagram stories in your weekly planner.

Return Policy

  • May I return my gift item?

    Due to the Personalized nature of photo gifts we will only give a credit for damages during delivery. You must send a picture of the packaging and damaged product to support@lifephoto.com.

  • Why should I keep my yearly planner?

    Cherish each years photo planner as a life memory.

  • Why should I purchase a photo planner?

    Photo planners offers a level of indvidualality clients crave. A years worth of curated photos intelligently organized by date, with hand written notes. Saved for a lifetime of memories.

  • Is Life & Photo a good brand?

    Yes, If you prefer a life experinence over brand, please share your photo planner @personalizedplanner.

Personal Organizer Benefits

  • 10 reasons why you should use a photo day planner.

    1. Photos printed in your personal organizer are a visiual reminder that life is more than a scehdule. Jotting down daily notes to keep information safe and not a forgotten memory.

    2. Get more done. The adage, “What gets scheduled, gets done” is true.

    3. Recording information is a daily planner prevents you form missing important dates or overbooking.

    4. Improve your memory.

    5. Keep your goals front and center, with photos as a muse pushing you forward.

    6. Photo Pages are a living photo journal. A photo history of your year.

    7. Date Pages document your year with your daily, weekly and monthly events.

    8. Improve the use of time by staying focused with a daily responsibility.

    9. Stay organized with life photo planner date pages. Enter appointments a year in advance then update on a daily schedule.

    10. Make success fun. Photos and pre-entered appointments will keep you focused and organized the entire year.

  • Why is it important to have a planner?

    Self-satisfaction of a job well done.

  • What is the best planner to use?

    • Life & Photo Planners are best for staying on schedule and sharing photo memories. Our unique Photo Page design lets you upload as many photos as you wish.

    • Life & Photo Planners are the best planners for scheduling dates. Our unique Date Page design lets you pre-enter notes into each day a year in advance.

  • How to use a planner for life.

    • School | send the kids to school with a planner full of happy photos. Make it fun to add daily school notes into their scheduler.

    • Home | On the go Moms love to use Life & Photo planners, with so many photos to see every day.

    • Work | Busy families need to be reminded of home when they are not there. Photo Planners are a stress reliever.

  • What is a Photo Page?

    Photo planners will make your day less hectic. Great for WFH Moms & Dads, kids school or at the office. Enjoy sharing memories all the while staying organized.

  • What is a Photo Page?

    A decade ago we created our unique photo page templates, you can select a photo page template for every week or month of the year. Choose from a selection of several photos per page.

  • What is a Date Page?

    Date Pages are unique online template layouts for writing notes. Select the date page style you would like in your weeekly planner, to be printed on paper.

  • What is a photo planner?

    A Life Photo Planner is fun and you can stay organized while enjoying favorite photos.

  • Who uses photo planners?

    Anyone who loves photographs and likes to keep organized. Stay on schedule and has a camera phone full of digital photos.

  • When should I use my photo planner?

    You can order your planner anytime of year. Select a starting month and add photos, dates and use the planner the whole year. We feel Life Photo Planners are the best planner online. Pick a month or year, create the best paper planner:2020, 2021,2022 and 2023.