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Custom Wall Calendar

Get ready to organize your schedule and enjoy treasured memories with the customized wall calendar for 2024! Motivate yourself, plan your day, and cherish priceless memories. Get this eco-friendly calendar that is ideal for any wall space in your house and has a tiny hole for simple hanging. It comes with a glossy finish and a premium cover, and its 26 printed calendar pages are bound in the middle, allowing you to easily flip between months.

Select your calendar size:

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  • 12 printed monthly pages with photos.
  • Premium cover with a glossy finish.
  • Calendars are coil bound.
  • Front and back calendar cover.

    • 1-29 calendars: $12.75 each
    • 30-59 calendars: $11.00 each
    • 60 – 200 calendars: $10.00 each
    • 201 - 500 calendars: $9.00 each

    • Production time: 2-4 business days
    • Standard shipping: 3-6 business days ($9.75)
    • Priority shipping: 2-3 business days ($15.00)

Additional Information:

A custom wall calendar allows you to display your favorite photos. Choose from family portraits, beautiful landscapes, vacation memories, or pictures of special occasions with friends. It also makes a thoughtful and personalized gift, serving as a time capsule of family gatherings or holiday celebrations throughout the years, or featuring pictures of loved ones' children or grandchildren. In addition to selecting photos, you can customize the font (Sans Serif or Serif), font color (black, blue, or purple), and start month.

Organize Your Life:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the custom wall calendar is a practical addition to your home. Display it in your kitchen, living room, or office, and keep a close eye on your upcoming events and appointments. It helps you stay organized and ensures you never miss an important occasion. You can keep the calendar for yourself or share it with your family and relatives.

For Workspace:

Additionally, with our cost-effective calendar prices, businesses can use custom wall calendars as promotional items or gifts for clients, featuring their branding or highlighting important dates and events. The calendar serves as a constant reminder, keeping everyone on track and organized. Regardless of who uses it, the Custom Wall Calendar adds a personal touch to any space, brightening homes, offices, or any room, while keeping schedules and memories in one beautiful place.

Create a personalized custom calendar today and add a touch of beauty and organization to your home!

LifePhoto's customized wall calendars can be helpful for businesses in several ways:

Brand Visibility and Recognition: : Customized wall calendars provide a year-long opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand, logo, products, or services. By including your branding and relevant imagery, you ensure constant visibility to customers or clients who use the calendar, reinforcing brand recognition.

Marketing and Promotion: :Use the LifePhoto's calendar to highlight promotions, special offers, or events and gift it to your loyal customers. Each month can feature a different product, service, or specific marketing message to engage the audience and drive sales.

Customer Engagement: : LifePhoto's calendars can be personalized with images and messages that resonate with your target audience. Engage customers emotionally by incorporating images related to their interests, creating a stronger connection with your brand.

Gifts and Incentives: : Customized calendars can be offered as gifts to customers, clients, or employees. This gesture not only fosters goodwill but also keeps your brand in front of them every day, serving as a reminder of your business.

Aesthetic Appeal: : A well-designed, visually appealing 2024 calendar enhances the aesthetic of any space. If your customized calendar looks good and complements the environment, it's more likely to be displayed prominently, increasing its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Personalization and Customer Loyalty: :Tailoring the 2024 calendar to individual preferences, such as incorporating personal photos or interests, can create a sense of personalization and foster customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to keep and use a calendar that reflects their personal style.

Practicality and Usefulness: : Wall calendars are a practical tool for organization and planning. By providing a functional item, you demonstrate care for your customers' needs, increasing the likelihood that they'll appreciate and utilize the calendar in their daily lives.

LifePhoto's customized wall calendars serve as a versatile marketing tool that enhances brand visibility engages customers, and promotes products or services throughout the year, ultimately contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction.

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