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About Life Photo

Life Photo is an online store for creating and ordering Planners, Calendars, Journals & Notepads, customized with photos. Life Photo's unique product is its’ Original Photo Planner. Life Photo Planners provide you the ability to arrange personal images onto daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages. Make a custom planner online, and your personal planner will be shipped to arrive at your home in days.

Planners, Calendars, Journals & Notepads with Photos

Photo Stationery offers a new and imporved way to re-live your most cherished memories daily while staying organized and focused on what’s next. At Life Photo, we encourage our customers to gather their thoughts, stay on schedule & live happily, all while reliving their favorite moments in life. Since 2003, we’ve been offering customers an enjoyable way to keep their to-do tasks organized with our photo blended personalized day planner. Whether it’s daily food recipes, weekly financial reminders or monthly well being appointments, you can organize these responsibilities alongside some of your most cherished memories.

More than a photo cover, our photo planners are fully customized by you. Using our one-of-a-kind Photo Date Pages, you can blend pictures into your schedules. Paper planners are one of the best ways to remain on top of everything going on in your life. Combining that with your own personal photos and the memories they represent will make your day that much more special.

As you open your photo planner each morning, you’ll be greeted by the images that mean the most to you. Life Photo’s photo planners keep you on schedule while allowing you to re-experience the joy of past memories. As you look forward to the coming days, weeks and months in your planner, you’ll be inspired with photos and the memories they bring.

Life Photo Planners will be a wonderful legacy for all family members. They too can experience the events of other generations, able to read daily notes from events in time, with a visual reference to reflect back upon. Life Photo quality will live on in the lives of future generations. Photo Planners are great way to tell a personal life story. Family members will reach for yearly planners from the family library to learn about that year in your life.

The possibilities are endless and are bound only by your imagination. The Life Photo Planner will be your go-to resource, always keeping you organized and happy. Re-live your favorite memories daily as you remain focused, organized and ready for what’s next.

Life As You See It,

Eric Hegwood


Life Photo

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