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Self Care Journal TLC Journal

Tender Loving Care Journal for Beloved Seniors in Assisted Living.

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The Life Photo weekly self-care journal is a comprehensive and personalized tool designed to help individuals prioritize their well-being and engage in regular self-care practices. Inside the journal, you will find a range of features and sections that cater to various aspects of self-care and wellness.

Additional Information:

Personal Info: The journal begins with personal information, allowing users to customize and personalize their journal.
Profile: The profile section provides space to write a brief introduction or a personal statement.
Medical Team: Lists to track medical professionals and care providers, ensuring easy access to their contact information.
Special Care Notes: Users can note specific medical or care needs they require.
Familiar Faces: The journal includes photos of loved ones, friends, or caregivers, providing comfort and connection.
Favorite Things: List and reflect on their favorite activities, promoting self-discovery and enjoyment.
Journal Pages: The journal provides ample space for writing personal thoughts & reflections.
Weekly Care Pages: The heart of the journal consists of 52 weekly Calendar care pages, each offering prompts, quotes, or activities to inspire and guide users in their self-care.

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