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Selfie Girl | Cute Teen Selfie

Horizontal Planner

Teen Selfie Planners Small


Selfie Girl: wefie & usie; make a teen planner with 52 cute poses. Start every week with a cute caption & girls selfie for laughs and giggles.

Photo Planners
Photo planners will inspire you with more of your favorite photos while organizing each week with personal planner pages.

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The Small Planner w/Weekly Photos includes 52 planner pages, with a selection of vertically-orientated or horizontally-orientated boxes for you to record your notes. Additionally, one photo page per week accommodates 1-3 images.

This 52-week planner begins the month of your choosing, so there is no need to wait for the next calendar year to get and stay organized. With LifePhoto, you'll welcome each new week of the year with a cherished photo that inspires you.

Additional Information:

. 7 x 9"
. Photo covers printed on heavy 110# premium white paper
. Pages are durable 100# writing paper, printed with the background, photos, and format of your choosing
. Can include over 150 photos
. Spiral-bound, lay-flat design