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The Association of Personal Photo Organizers was created to meet the need and solve the problem of photo management to preserve our lost stories.

APPO is a membership association that trains, supports and provides industry tools to its members, known as Personal Photo Organizers, equipping them to rescue, manage, organize and save your photos allowing you to easily find, preserve and share your stories. Because APPO is the voice of the Photo-Life Management Industry, product and service providers collaborate with APPO, supplying their members with cutting-edge industry tools that they can share and provide to their clients.

This resource guide is a sample of the products and services that your Personal Photo Organizer has access to, to help you cherish, showcase and celebrate the photos that tell your story.


Standard Resource Guide

1-9 copies $8.00 per
10-24 copies $7.00 per
25 or more copies $6.00 per

Custom Resource Guide 1

You Add 1 set (4 pages) of custom pages
1-9 copies $10.00 per
10-24 copies $9.00 per
25 or more copies $8.00 per

Custom Resource Guide 2

You Add 2 sets (8 pages) of custom pages
1-9 copies $12.00 per
10-24 copies $11.00 per
25 or more copies $10.00 per

APPO Resource Guide FAQ

1. Where do we find the link to order the resource guide? If you go to the APPO website and click on partnerships. Find the Lifephoto partnership and there you will find a link for the Lifephoto site to order a standard resource guide Lifephoto/support/ custom resource guide.

2. Why is it called a resource guide and not a catalog? After looking more closely at the finished product, we realized that since it does not include every product that all of our vendors have to offer, it really serves more of a purpose as a “resource guide” to direct your clients rather than as a product catalog to mail or hand out to all potential customers.

3. What is the cost of the resource guide? The pricing is listed on Lifephoto/support/ As an explanation, one set of custom pages could be either a front and back cover or a four-page spread placed inside the resource guide. Custom cover pages would include a front and back cover and a four-page spread inside the resource guide.

4. Why would I want a four-page spread inside the resource guide? The four-page spread would allow you to identify and advertise some or all of your photo organizing services. How you choose to lay out those pages is up to you. Simply design a 8.5x11 page with an 1/8” bleed (8.75x11.25) on all four sides and save it as a .jpg.

5. I am just a small business owner with a minimal budget. How can I afford to use the resource guide? The resource guide is designed to be a “resource” for your clients and not necessarily something that you would leaving lying out on a table at a vendor fair for all interested parties to take at their leisure. If your budget is small, use it as a visual tool when you are working with a client. Another option is to have some available at a vendor booth for others to view but not necessarily to take with them. As your business and client base grows, so will your budget making it possible to leave more of these in the hands of those most likely to make a purchase.

6. Why is the custom price more expensive than the standard resource guide? The cost to print the catalog increases for the printer when you add your own personal information. In the case of the standard catalog, a large number of resource guides can be printed at one time and stored for future purchased thus bringing the cost down.

7. What if I only have a business card but no logo yet? You will find a customized option where you can use the APPO cover but rather than having the APPO logo, you can insert your business card to brand the resource guide for you. This option is considered to be a customized resource guide.

8. What if I do not want to customize my resource guide? No problem, just go to the link on the LifePhoto website and ordered the standard catalog

9. Can I include a page that talks about my services? Yes, a four-page insert that you design and upload can be included for an additional $2

10. What if APPO adds another industry partner? Our intention is to update the resource guide about every 6 months. This will allow us to add any additional industry partners and make adjustments as desired by the industry partners.

11. Is shipping included in the cost? No, the cost to ship is not included in the original price. If you live near other APPO members, you can consider combining your orders to get the bulk price and lower the shipping costs.

12. Do we receive our normal 30% LifePhoto discount on the price of the resource guide? No, the discount is intended for us to use when we are selling products to clients. Since the resource guide is not something that we are selling to our clients but instead designed to help us build our business the discount does not apply. In the future LifePhoto will be carrying other business building products such as business cards and brochures that will also not receive a discount.

13. What happens if you update the resource guide, do I have to buy new ones then? We will attempt to update every 6 months based on changes in industry partners but you do not have to update your resource guide at that time. When you choose to update, is up to you.

14. Do we have to include all the industry partners in the resource guide? No, you may choose to remove some of the industry partners if they offer a product that you are not interested in. However, the cost of the guide will not change because the price for the guide is already discounted.

15. Why is the price the same even if we take out some of the industry partners? In an effort to get the resource guide out and available in a timely fashion, we had to make some choices about what we could provide immediately. It is an option that we are still considering offering in future versions.

16. Why aren’t there any prices in the resource guide? As many of you upsell your products at various price points, we did not want to lock anyone into a price point by including prices.

17. I noticed for some of the industry partners that not all the products that they offer in the product line are included in the resource guide. Why is that? The resource guide is designed to provide a sampling of what each industry partner has to offer. In an attempt to get an initial guide out and to the members quickly, we asked each industry partner to prepare a two-page spread and choose what they wanted to include. We will consider the possibility of creating a more comprehensive guide and allowing partners to have more than two pages if the members request this. However, keep in mind that this will probably result in a price increase for the resource guide.

18. How can I place a viewable version of this resource guide on my website? Instructions will be provided to you via the Share Button for including a link on your website or a code to embed the resource guide into your website. This guide is powered by ISSUU and has been created by APPO.

19. If I have additional questions about ordering who should I contact? e-mail us at

20. If I have suggestions for the resource guide, to whom should I direct them? You can send suggestions to

21. Can I remove the names of the industry partners so that my clients do not know where the products have come from? No, one of the reasons that we have this relationship with the industry partners is so that their products get visibility. This resource guide is a win/win relationship for both our industry partners and for us as members but it only works if the partners are able to get their names out there as well.


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