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Lifephoto gives you the opportunity and ability to share memories through our custom photo books, without spending the money that other custom photo shop charge. We believe that you should be able to custom build your memory photo book; whether it be for birthdays, athletic events, school, the holidays and any other special occasion, without spending an arm and a leg.

You can build your own photo books using custom colors, sizes and styles to fit your own personal taste. We have a large selection of designs and backgrounds for you to mix and match until you find the pairings that fit the occasion. There are picture templates for photo books available, and you will have an easy do-it-yourself editing screen.

Photo Book Ideas

Memories have a way of fading in time. But with your custom built, personalize photo books, you can revisit and relive all of those memories any time you wish. They make great gifts and loved ones can experience life's triumphs at any time they wish. Order your photo books online, customize it, and enjoy family-friendly prices.

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