Daily Planners

Daily Planners

Personalized Day-Planner

Are you busy and always seem to be running behind? If you love photography and personalized photos, then a Lifephoto day planner may be just the thing to get your schedule back on track. Your day planner will be a favorite way of sharing photos and getting where you need to be on time. Your day planner will be convenient & individually personalized; part photo album, calendar & organizer, useful and easy to carry!

You can distinguish a Lifephoto personalized day planner from others simply by the large number of photos you can put into your daily planner. You may select from three different quantity photo templates pages: 14, 27, and 54. Each photo template allows you to personalize your planner with photography of friends and family. You can enjoy over one hundred photos in your personalized day planner! But don't stop, we have custom day planner cover templates for you to put photos onto!

Lifephoto Day-Planner Variations

You can select from different photo & date layouts when you make a personalized day planner. Two of our favorites include the wedding planning checklist, perfect for a busy bride to be, and another that is perfect for busy working moms. She can upload 52 of her favorite 4" x 6" photos. We offer two sizes of personalized day planners. One size is a handy little photo day planner small enough to carry in a purse. The small day planner can hold up to 54 photos too. Imagine a photo album you carry in your purse with so many photos! We also carry a large desk top personalized day planner. It is very convenient for note writing and only 8"x 12", you can keep it on your desk or carry it with you. Your lifestyle may have you on the go non-stop, but it is important to remember why you do it! A Lifephoto day planner is a wonderful way to stay organized, while keeping your loved ones close.


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